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Jan 13, 2021 at 08:02 PM

Allow XS Classic Calculation Views to Consume HDI Container Tables


I have a scenario where calculation views built in XS classic need to source data from tables in an HDI container.

In order to do this, _SYS_REPO must have SELECT privileges on the objects WITH GRANT OPTION.

The issue I am encountering is:

  • Roles created in the HDI container WITHOUT grant option can be granted to _SYS_REPO.
  • Roles created in the HDI container WITH GRANT OPTION cannot be granted to _SYS_REPO. Roles with grant option must be '#' roles, which can only be granted to HDI container object owners.

What is the proper mechanism to grant _SYS_REPO privileges on objects in an HDI container with grant option, so that these object can be used in XS classic calculation views?