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Jan 18, 2021 at 02:48 PM

Inspection Lot Automatic Group Counter Assignment (different from GC1)


Dear QM Experts,

Scenario is the following:

There is one Task List Group with 3 Group Counters (i.e. 3 different Inspection Plans for the same material under the same Task List Group). Each of these Inspection Plans has the same Usage (04 - Goods Receipt), and the only difference between them is that they have diferent MICs assigned.
(GC1 - MICs from 1 to 5, GC2 - MICs from 6 to 10, and GC3 - MICs from 11 to 15)

Now, when the system is doing the automatic creation of Inspection Lot (after GR), it always chooses (assigns) the first Group Counter that has appropriate Usage (04) for the Material for which the Lot is to be created, which in this case is Group Counter 1.

My question is next: Is there any possibility to tell the system how to select other Group Counters (2 or 3) if they have the same Usage? Is the Usage field the only condition/trigger to the selection of Inspection Plan at all? If yes, what happens if I create custom Usage Z4 - Goods Receipt and put it in GC2 for example, would that make any difference?

Thank you.