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Jan 17, 2021 at 02:00 PM

Oauth2.0 for consuming oData services exposed through SAP PO



We need to expose OData from PO to third party (so, no ICO/ESR mapping). For that we followed the below blog on "Exposing oData services through PO".

I was able to configure it and able to expose OData through PO. Now business recommends to go for oAuth authentication to access the odata service. I was able to get some information on "Configuring OAuth 2.0 for AS Java" from below thread.

My doubt is,

1) How oAuth will work if third party needs to access odata that we exposed in the above step, as there is no link between odata and oauth configured.

2) Will there be any effect on existing interfaces ? we dont have any odata/rest based interfaces in our PO system.

Could you please guide me on this.