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Jan 16, 2021 at 08:37 PM

"All assignments are already current"


Good evening.

Aproblem has arisen that doesn't allow me to continue. When I try to transfer the BOM "Bill of Material" after pressing EXECUTE get the following message: "All assignments are already current" and it doesn't let me continue. I repeat the previous steps in case I have missed something but I go back there and it still appears. The transaction on that screen is CN33, attached photo below.


I thought that it could mean that the step that I should realize in this screen is already done or that I did it previously, but then if I want to continue, the following step is in the CS72, in which on having put the data appears me "no items are valid on 16.01.2021" and it does not let me continue. Also I thought that it could be the date but I have created another with another date and it has left me the same:

The reason for the message is basically how I can solve this in order to continue. For any extra clarification do not hesitate to tell me. Thank you so much.


kfgx2.png (42.8 kB)