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Jan 15, 2021 at 09:16 PM

Spain SII in 2021 - troubles with reverse charge tax codes



we are experiencing troubles after puting all notes for SII for Spain into the system. What bugs us is the usage of reverse charge tax code. Result:

siiR:DescripcionErrorRegistro>Cuando ClaveRegimenEspecialOTrascendencia sea 09 el bloque InversionSujetoPasivo no puede estar cumplimentado.</siiR:DescripcionErrorRegistro>

According to note 3010484 the solution is to maintain tax code in table FIESSII_TAXCODEV classification = S1 instead of S2, while Regime stays I09.

The error is gone then, but in SII it is not reverse charge anymore, which is not correct. Anyone expierencing similar issues ?

Thanks for your help. Kind regards,