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Jan 14, 2021 at 09:48 AM

Introduce an Annotation that defines a Service Entity as a Fiori Launchpad Tile


Hello CAP Enthusiasts, Hello SAP Fiori Launchpad Team,

we're all happily using SAP UI annotations in our CAP apps to benefit from the magic of SAP Fiori Elements. We all know the "Welcome to" screen quite well where we're presented with the available services, entities and the in Fiori preview link:

I would suggest to take this idea one step further and provide a SAP Fiori Launchpad preview. To assign a Entity to a Group I would suggest to use a annotation i.e. For intent based navigation the Entity name could be used for the Semantic Object and the action could be either display if an entity is annotated as readonly or manage.

When the CAP application from the screenshot above would be annotated like this:

service AdminService { Admin
    entity Books as projection on my.Books;
    entity POHeaders as projection on po.Headers;

service CatalogService { Bookshop
    @readonly entity Books as projection on my.Books; Bookshop
    @readonly entity Authors as projection on my.Authors;

It would result in the following Launchpad:

I've added this mock to my bookshop-demo app with the commit Mock up generated FLP idea to the fioriSandboxConfig.json. Looking forward for your thoughts.

Best regards