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Jan 13, 2021 at 10:33 AM

Creat SD sales flow without stock



First of all, clarify that I do not intend to sell services in this scenario (DIEN)

My scenario is the sale of stockable materials, however I may not have stock at that time.

I am currently using TAN as an item category and MRP PD, because the idea is to generate a purchase need automatically when placing the Sales order. However, as the CP category in the consignment division, it does not let me make the consignment. if you change the delivery category, the quantity supplied in the delivery is 0, so the invoice would have a quantity of 0.

My question is which configuration (category item, shipping category, etc.) that allows VA01 -> VL01N -> invoice to be made and the customer comes to pick up the material when there is stock in the system.

Best Regards.