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Jan 13, 2021 at 04:23 AM

Error while creating expense report"trip schema in morei 40 doesn't exist in table-T706S



While creating travel request using T.code-PRRQ, I see travel request is defaulted for only one employee each time I try to create travel request. I want to choose manually any specific employee based on my choice which is not working. After creating travel request there I can see to change employee for creating travel request. Please help me to resolve this issue.

As part of my implementation project for travel management, I have done the basic configuration. I am facing errors while creating expense report and international trip. My requirement is to enable to travel request application for domestic (India) and international travel? How many trip schemas are required? Is one trip schema is sufficient for both domestic and international trips??? I am currently using one trip schema-PL which is working fine for Domestic travel request (without entering estimated costs) and throwing error for international trip?? Please find the snapshot of the trip schema and error message for international travel request? Please help me to find the root cause

I have created a travel request today for 1st Jan to 2nd Jan 2021 in SAP R/3 system and approved it. When I try to crate expense report, I am facing the error message "trip schema in morei 40 exist in table-T706S'.For domestic travel request, when I enter estimated costs then I am facing error message as per attached snapshot. Please help me with the solution.

I really appreciate your help and suggestions.

Thank you