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Jan 13, 2021 at 11:50 AM

WAD Passing filter values through url



We'd like to pass value 0001 to url from wad with this parameters:


The web template contains a query ZQUERY, with a characteristic ZCHAR1; in a query designer, frame "characteristic restriction" we've defined a variable ZVAR1 (because of we'd like that results area always shows 0001).

- Type of variable: characteristic value.

- Processing by: manual input / default value.

- Variable represents: single value.

- Variable is: opcional.

- Defaut value (is mandatory): 0002

We'd like to pass a value through url and when users executed web template, they can't filter for any other values in this characteristic; that example, we'd like users just work with ZCHAR1 = '0001' and can't filter to another values.

The problem is that when we execute the web template, it shows value:0002 to ZCHAR1 (default value) instead 0001 (url value paremeter).

What is wrong? Is there other option to pass a value to a characteristic in a url and web template could'nt shows another value for this characteristic (filters, navigate...)?.

We've tried with other variables: customer exit, authorization ... but it doesn't work.