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Jan 11, 2021 at 10:39 PM

Exclude Stock Transport Orders & Purchase Order from IWBK Availability Check


Hi Team,

May I check, if there is a way to exclude Stock Transport Orders(STO) & PO from availability check?

Our scenario is:

Plant A creates a requirement on Plant B, which in turn create requirement on Plant C.

Purchase Order is created at Plant C, which in turn provides stock to Plant B via STO to full-fill Plant A requirement.

Business Requirement for IWBK traffic lights:

Green Traffic Light = Stock is available in full for populated SLoc (This is working as expected)

Yellow Traffic Light = When stock is in transit

Red Traffic Light = When stock is nil or less than requirement (This is working as expected)

At this stage std. SAP shows green light when PO Delivery Date < WO Requirement date. However, this assumption derails due to many logistic challenges.

Hence, we excluded PR/PO (Space in 'OPJJ' for 'Incl. Purchase Orders'), but system still turns on traffic light green, when stock is zero in SLoc, but PO delivery date < WO requirement date.

Shall I request to get some piece from your wisdom of knowledge to address the aforesaid requirement?