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Jan 11, 2021 at 08:54 PM

CCV2 SmartEdit oauth token issue and oauth logs


We are doing initial analysis for migrating our hybris on premise installation to SAP Commerce Cloud. When accessing SmartEdit on the CCV2 setup we are facing issues in oauth token generation. The server call for /authorizationserver/oauth/token returns Http 500 (internal server error). The /authorizationserver endpoint is up and running, we see a bad credential error when incorrect username/password is provided but when a valid username/password is provided it is returning Http 500.

How do we access the oauth logs to understand the error cause? In Kibana we only see the http 500 in the access logs, nothing much gets logged.

Is there any specific configuration that needs to be done for oauth to work in CCV2 ?

We do not have any customization in SmartEdit login flow, hence the grant type used is password, client id is smartedit and we are entering admin users username/password.