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Jan 11, 2021 at 07:28 PM

Which value of WebIDEUsage shoudl be used for odata on FES

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I am writing a Fiori app in WebIDE. The app will be deployed on FES and consume the odata service also registered on FES. In the Destination setting, which of the following values should be to use for our app? There is an issue in 1).

1) WebIDEUsage=odata_abap (This seems the right one to choose for our project. But using this one, in the project creation template wizard, when selecting "Service Catalog" and select the destination in dropdown, the UI does NOT show the odata servcies list available, even after puting the path of service in the field of "Url". The message saying the "Catalog service" is not working properly.

Then I tried this way:

2) WebIDEUsage=odata_gen. This works ok in teh project template wizard when I select the destination and put teh service url.

But the question is: is this 2) the right way for setting up an app that will be deployed to the FES when the odata service is also located?

Form SAP guide, 1) should be the right way for my case. 2) is for consuming any service that is provided via a URL. I am worried about that the project structure is generated differently when using 2), and I have to modify the codes in many places. And the odata could also be accessed in a wrong way. I am assumin the app code is different when accessing the odata on the same server or the odata from outside world.

Any ideas about if I can use 2) to do my app?


Dong Zhu