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unable to install sap IDM developer studio plugin

Feb 16, 2017 at 05:51 PM


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I am in the process of installing new Identity Management 8.0 on windows machine.

I am installing Identity Management Developer Studio plugin, but I am facing an error

I am running the install on eclipse neon version for windows 64 bit.

Error "Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found" when installing SAP Identity Management Developer Studio error.png

I downloaded the missing file org.eclipse.emf 2.6.0 and placed in the folder.

Still its giving the same error.

I also tried installing idm studio plugin with eclipse mars version, but getting same error.

PFA error.

I also referred the note 2187752 and checked workfile-enabled.png .

suggest on what should be done.

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I downloaded org.eclipse.emf 2.6.0 zip file and placed in the folder. Restarted my system, and ran eclipse again to install idm studio plugin.

Now I am facing similar error with another file missing org.eclipse.graphiti 0.9.2.

I downloaded and placed in the folder and repeated the process exactly in the same way. But this is coming again. I ran it with eclipse Neon , Luna, Mars version.

I checked and got to know that use of Eclipse JUNO will resolve this error.

But in IDM install guide, its clearly mention to use either Eclipse neon/mars version.

Please suggest

error2.png (7.8 kB)
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Lambert Boskamp Feb 24, 2017 at 03:44 PM


could it be you have downloaded "Eclipse IDE for Java Developers" instead of "Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers"? Although SAP documentation states you can use either of the two, my personal experience on Luna was that only the EE edition contained all the features that the SAP IDM plug-in depends on. If applicable to your situation, using the EE version may be a quick solution.

That said, it's possible to run the SAP IDM plugin in the Java (non-EE) Eclipse, but - based on my personal findings - you'll need to install some missing Eclipse features manually. Using graphiti as an example, use "Help -> Install New Software...", then select your appropriate eclipse update site, Neon - in your case, and enter an appropriate search term (I used graphiti) in the filter line. You'll find the missing feature and can install it by following the instructions in this dialog.

Note that graphiti may not be the only missing feature. As far as I remember, EMF (Eclipse Modling Framework) need to be installed as well.

Best regards,

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Michelle Crapo Mar 08 at 12:54 PM
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Michelle, are you getting into IDM? :)


:) Sure why not?

Just read this blog had a link to this question. But didn't answer this question. I figured I'd add the link here.

Really right now I'm trying to gather as much information as I can. I just read about three.js. Pretty cool. Feel free to delete the answer if it doesn't make sense.


All help is good help! We'd love to have you in the IDM community.

C Kumar Feb 20, 2017 at 07:27 PM

Hello Himani,

I have done several SAP IdM installation with Eclipse Neon on 64 bit windows machine and i never faced such issue.

Could you please which windows version you are using? Are you trying to install it on your local machine or server?

Please remove the existing eclipse and download the new eclipse and install it. Ensure that your JDK/JVM as well as Eclipse all should be the 64 bit as your machine.

If you are still getting the issue on your server then i would recommend try to install eclipse plugins on your local machine or in another machine.


C Kumar

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Former Member Feb 20, 2017 at 09:55 PM

thankyou for your response.

I am using Windows 2012 version and trying to install IDM on server.

I removed the existing eclipse and installed again. Checked jvm version .

Still I am facing the same error.


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