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Jan 11, 2021 at 11:03 AM

RESTful programming model: Service name limitation


I am trying to mimic a Gateway service via RESTful programming model.

However, I have an issue with RESTful limitation of no more than 26 characters in the service name. Actually, it is the service binding object which has this limitation, and the service automatically takes its name. (Unlike Gateway, no '_SRV' suffix is added for the project, so I have to adjust the naming myself.)

Gateway service name has 27 chars.

Is there any way of manually adjusting the generated service name?

I also tried to maintain the technical service via SPRO (Maintain Services), but I can't edit any entry. There is an "External Service Name" there which seems suitable for that, if only I could edit it.

Any options to obtain an actual service name in the final service URL with more than 26 characters?