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Jan 11, 2021 at 10:37 AM

STO for sales order with CTO materials



We have set up a scenario as below, it is working well from logistic perspective but seems to not work correctly from costing point of view. I have tried to search for threads with similar scenario, could find only couple of them but with no conclusion. I really hope someone can offer help here.

1. Sales Order is created for plant B.

2. The needed materials are Configured to Order (CTO) materials and are purchased first to plant A and then needs to be stock transferred to plant B for the manufacturing and subsequent delivery against the Sales Order.

3. A special procurement key for stock transfer with supplying plant as plant A has been created and assigned to materials in plant B.

4. MRP run against the sales order creates PR of type UB for STO from plant A to B and another PR is created for procurement of the materials to plant A (this is also with reference to the sales order as it is CTO material in plant A as well).

Now, from logistic perspective, this seems to work fine, but from costing perspective it does not.

When GR is posted for the PO created for procurement of the CTO materials to plant A, system checks if PO account assignment is sales order item and is the item SO costing relevant , SO Costing value can’t be found from KEKO table under PO’s plant A as Sales Order item plant is B.

The GR value is posted to 'price difference account' and stock account is posted with zero value.

This seems to work fine when the material is Purchase to Stock (PTS) at plant A but does not work with CTO material at both supplying and receiving plant.

Could you please help me understand if this kind of scenario is SAP standard i.e STO of CTO materials and how should it behave from costing perspective..?

Looking forward for your valuable inputs.

Thanks in advance.