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Jan 09, 2021 at 12:37 PM

Smartforms: Two table, second table should do the page break


Hello experts,

I'm having a problem with a smartform which I am not sure how to solve it. The smartform has two tables, the first one contains the items of a delivery, and the second one has to display the texts for each item. The problem is, that the first table can contain 5 items but the second could contain more than 5... Sometimes the smartform lose data because the second table does not fit in the screen.

The smartform is not developed correctly, because in the main screen the first table is the only one which appear and the second is in a secondary window. Furthemore, the kind of table used is a bit strange (at least for me), I attached an screenshot.

What I think is to add the second table in the main screen, and force the page break, but I do not find the way to do this....

Could you please help me to solve this strange smartform?

Thanks in advance,




table.jpg (11.4 kB)