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Jan 07, 2021 at 10:48 AM

Establish connection between SAC and SAP IoT


Hello guys,

I'm currently struggling to establish the connection between SAC and SAP IoT.

The purpose of the use is simply to display over a SAC story aggregated data from the SAP hana base embedded in SAP IoT service. It's inspired from following the sap dev tutorial.

I tried many times on 2 different SCP subaccounts with the same SAC account:

  • On first SCP subaccount with SAC I got the following error:
You are not authorized to query the remote system. Please ask your administrator to grant you the InA role.
Correlation ID: 32507753-6617-4060-8699-918308802312
  • With second subaccount, I got the following error message:
We couldn't connect to your HANA system. For more information, see our troubleshooting page.
Correlation ID: 32507753-6617-4060-8699-918308802312

In both base I created a data model with the Content Manager using APIs and activated it as well.

I wonder if there's any specific role in SAC and/or in SCP (for the SAP IoT service) that I have to attribute to allow this direct connection?

Before any connection establishment, do I need to initialize manually the aggregated data store for my tenant using APIs or the sap Hana base is "automatically set up" in the IoT service?

Thanks in advance for your help and support