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Jan 06, 2021 at 02:08 PM

WPUUMS01 Conversion of Material tax classification using segment E1WPU05



I am a bit stuck with the following situation:
Billing documents are created in ECC by the use of WPUUMS IDOCS that are generated by CAR from aggregated store sales data.

By the use of IDOC WPUUMS01, segment E1WPU04, field MWSKZ, we are able to convert a Tax Classification code that was sent from CAR/POS to a Tax Classification that is used in ECC. This Tax Classification conversion is defined in SPRO > Sales and Distribution > POS Interface > Adjustments > Conversion > Conversion of Material Tax Classification (Inbound). By the use of this conversion it's possible to indicated if it is a Tax or Tax return. In this case of a return, the amount is negative and the tax code is different.
So far everything is fine.

Because we want to take the exact Tax amount from the IDOC into the billing document, we use segment E1WPU05, instead of E1WPU04. Everything is working fine, but segment E1WPU05 is not having field MWSKZ available, so no Conversion can be done.

The only option i see is to use a requirement to steer the Tax Classification. Am i right, or is there another solution to use the Conversion of Material Tax Classification customizing option in this case?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,