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Jan 05, 2021 at 06:02 PM

Slow response times when calling SAP Business One (B1) Service Layer with CAP


Hello CAP and B1 Experts,

I'm helping a SAP B1 Customer to develop a customer portal using the Service Layer. The Service Layer is consumed using CAP. What we've discovered now is that the Service Layer needs quite some time (aproximately 5 seconds) to authenticate the user. After the authentication a Cookie is set to have a session. But it seems that CAP or the SAP CP Cloud Foundry destination service isn't storing this session cookie and so every new request runs through the B1 Service Layer authentication. We've confirmed this by calling the service layer locally with Postman. There the first two reqeusts take about 5 seconds. The 3rd requests returns in 20 ms.

We've already checked the tips in:

2607373 - Service Layer (SL) Troubleshooting Guide

and even installed the Service Layer on a separate system with a lot of RAM (over 16 GB).

Best regards