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Jan 08, 2021 at 11:26 AM

SAP IRPA Desktop Studio - Capture Page - Fields, Buttons, etc. not recognized


Hello Experts,

I am trying to Capture an application and its pages

  • SAP IRPA Desktop Studio
  • Web Browser: Firefox 78.6.0esr (32-bit)
  • Fiori App: Display Production Order

Page - Production Order Display: Header

But there comes no captured data.

The fields, buttons, etc. are also not getting recognized and no tree structure also.

Kindly see screenshot below:

But this works fine for the previous page Page - Production Order Display: Initial Screen

Kindly see the screenshot below:

As fields, buttons, etc. are not getting identified in the Page 'Production Order Display: Header', we are not able to do 'associate items' and later perform workflow mappings.

This issue is also there in the:

Application 'Create Production Order'

Page: 'Production Order Create: Initial Screen'

Please see screenshot below:

Capture Page is attempted either with one of the two options (please see screenshot below):

When option 1 is used: the entire frame is captured as single for both the Apps

When option 2 is used:

  • Fields, buttons, etc. are captured correctly for App Page - Production Order Display: Initial (2nd screenshot)
  • But no data is captured for App Page: Production Order Display: Header (1st screenshot)
  • No data is captured for App Page: Production Order Create: Initial (3rd screenshot)

Why the capture data happens for one page but not for another page even in the same application ?

Requesting you kind inputs on why this happens, also kindly advise how to overcome this situation.

Thanks in Advance...