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Jan 03, 2021 at 07:43 AM

Missing description in Dialog "Open ABAP Development Object" (ADT)



when I search for an object in the Dialog "Open ABAP Development Object" then I see two times the object type ( like Data Element ), but not the description of the object.

Is this a bug?

I assume that this dialog uses the ADT API method

This returns also in the attribute IAdtObjectReference.decription the description of the object type instead of the object.

If it is not a bug then I'm wondering how I can get the description of an object with the ADT API. When I call the URI of this object (/sap/bc/adt/ddic/dataelements/matnr), then I get the description and other attributes in the master language (in this case DE) instead of the logon language (EN).

Best regards