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Dec 31, 2020 at 05:05 PM

Number of Hours posting to WBS based on hours


Hi Experts,

The scenario is client does not use CATS. Its a positive time management, Punch In/out is getting captured.

The requirement is to capture the number of hours based on WBS or the order number. I tried maintaining the WBS/order number in IT2011 for the punch In P10 entries and for few category of employee client do not have time machine, so they upload the attendance hours in IT2002 directly. I tried to maintain WBS/order number in the IT2002 table as well.

I ran the time evaluation and payroll for the particular month.

The issue is, posting is not happening to WBS/order number instead its getting posted directly to the IT0001 cost center.

Calculating percentage for each WBS/order of more than 2000+ employee for IT0027 will be difficult job

Please let me know how to capture the WBS/Oder number based on clocked hours in IT2011&IT2002