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Dec 29, 2020 at 07:49 AM

MDK application - Blank page getting displayed on Mobile device after successful deployment


Hi Jitendra Kansal

I have been working on MDK from last few months continuously although started it in the last year. So, I have been developing some basic applications trying all your blogs and following MDK updates as well.

So from the last few days, I am facing an issue regarding the deployment of an basic MDK app written below -

1.When I am trying to deploy the application, initially an error 'Deployment failed detail - 404 not found' is coming up and then the app is getting successfully deployed without any errors in the log. But when I try to open the app in the mobile, the main page is getting as blank page, if I try to open the app as a web-client, the app is able to open successfully.

2.Developed a post record functionality using 'CreateEntity' method, got the success message action executed but the data didn't get posted in the DB.

With Warm Regards,

Swaroop Kumar Nagavarapu.