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Dec 28, 2020 at 08:28 AM

Unable to trigger alert using BOR events


I need help with the configuration of alerts. This is what I have done so far.

I have created alerts in transaction ALRTCATDEF and I can trigger those alerts directly using the function module.

But I need to trigger an alert using BOR events. So I have set up a link using transaction SWE2 and I simulated invoking of an event using SWUE. When I debug it, I can get to 'SALERT_CREATE_LOCAL' and SALRT_GET_DESTINATION and error DESTINATION_UNDEFINED. is raised because in a table TWPALRTDST there is no record.

I have a problem somewhere in configuration but I do not know where.

I checked the prerequisites "The central alert server must be maintained as an RFC destination in transaction SM59 in the local system. This central alert server must also be selected as the RFC destination in transaction SALRT1 or in Start of the navigation path Settings Next navigation step RFC-Destination of Alert Server. End of the navigation path (This constitutes the unique entry in table TALRTDST.)"

and in SALRT1 I have NONE option - I do not want to send alerts between different systems

Appreciate your help, Thanks