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Dec 28, 2020 at 06:30 AM

Does BW/4HANA include "OpenHub License"?



Does BW/4HANA include "OpenHub License"?

So I can import ERP data into BW/4HANA, then "legally" export ERP data from BW/4HANA to external database tables for 3rd party applications to use, and the end user may not have SAP named user license, without violating "indirect access" restriction, is it OK?

If yes, is there any "official" document that talks about it?
I have consultated our SAP sales, they said yes, but we still need to see "offical" documents.

I have tried my best to search in SAP support / Internet, read many documents, but just found some discussions
in the forum.

It would be very strange to me, if it is official, why we can't find any offical/legal document about it.