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Dec 24, 2020 at 10:56 AM

Define withholding tax minimum amount for different periods

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Hi all, there is the below request concerning withholding tax case in two subcases.

a) There are contracts/agreements that user would like to enter the information of whether these agreements created due to Initial Public Offering and when.

For this case, there are some text fields that this info could be updated (e.g EKPO-LABNR at ME33K). That info ideally should also be depicted at the PO (ME23N).

b) Now, based on the value above (the date), if the Initial Public Offering value in the Agreement or PO is e.g up to 31.12.2019 then the Withholding tax code should be effective for minimum amount of 1.000 Eur. If the Public Offering value is from 01.01.2020 then the minimum amount of that withholding tax code should be 200.000 Eur.


1) Is it possible to depict -at least for informational reasons in a free text field- the desired date in an Agreement and thus in PO?

2) And is it possible based on that value, the withholding tax code be effective for different minimum amounts (based on specific different periods) ?