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Dec 23, 2020 at 09:47 PM

How to reverse COP1/COP2 created HU for the Process Orders


We are creating HU for the process order, and on GR, this HU goes to Inspection Stock with 04 Inspection Lot.

Now there are situations where there is a need to correct the "Batch Number" for the HU/GR ( Note, the batch is not created at Create/Release of the Process Order).

While executing COP1/COP2, HU is created with the Batch and Inspection lot. and subsequently, GR is done through COWBHUWE.

For reversal of GR we can execute HUCANC, which is good enough to correct the quantity but can not change the Batch.

How can we change the batch assigned to HU? or how can we remove the HU assignment from Process Order, and re do the COP1/COP2 step with correct batch.