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Jan 04, 2021 at 10:15 AM

Business application studio: dev space remains in status 'Starting'



I created in the Business Application Studio a SAP Fiori dev space mid November 2020. I have done developments in that dev space and a few days ago I could still 'Start' this dev space.
However, when I try to start the dev space today, it seems to be hanging in the 'Starting' status, now already for almost one hour.

My other dev space (a SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services dev space) I can start within a minute.

Anyone has a clue what might be going wrong with my SAP Fiori dev space ?
And anyone has a solution to get it into the 'Running' status ?

I found in the Help pages this (

Your dev space remains in the STARTING state and doesn't switch to the RUNNING state

If your dev space is taking too long to start, check the total dev space size.

From the terminal, enter du-s to display the total size of each project file, including images and other source files. (You don't need to check the size of the node_modules folder.)

But how can you open a terminal to enter the 'du-s' command when the dev space remains in the 'Starting' state ???