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Dec 30, 2020 at 04:18 PM

Unable to display SAP UI5 smartchart in business application studio using CDS view Annotations

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I have created CDS view with annotations to display smartchart in sap ui5 application using business application studio, i am new to the business application studio. i have used annotation @odata.publish to link my cds view to odata service. From that service, i have linked to my application in sap ui5.


With the above CDS view, when i tried to create using sap standard template ( over view page using cards in a page) - working fine and i can see donut as expected in output.

I have followed the steps mentioned in above link to map CDS view to UI5 application in business application studio.

view in UI5- bas


Output screen which i am getting:

Can anyone suggest, how to over come above issue.


aeuvr.png (57.4 kB)
uc4xj.png (127.3 kB)
syvlj.png (131.2 kB)
6bpl4.png (108.4 kB)
bl9la.png (57.4 kB)
crpue.png (108.4 kB)
wgwkl.png (127.3 kB)
qpaek.png (131.2 kB)