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Dec 29, 2020 at 01:57 PM

Merge Payload issue


Hello Experts,

I have an issue while combining the Payload after message mapping.

This Integration between SF and CPI and I am using Compound Employee.

Below are the steps;
1. I am extracting data by firing a query, splitting employee record by using General Splitter and given Grouping as 1.
2. Configured Router and given the condition based on the Event (Hire, Rehire, Change and Termination) the employee records differentiated and should go to the respective mapping (Above mentioned 4 events have got different mappings and structure change).

3. After Mapping output I would like to merge the payload and send it to Target system (SFTP adapter is used here).

4. I am using Gather function after Mapping and result is still getting separate output files only and not the merged one.

(May be because of General Splitter behaviour)

Do we have any Groovy to handle this requirement or any other way to achieve this.

Kindly provide your Inputs in resolving the issue.