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Dec 28, 2020 at 02:00 PM

Source determination MRP - release date



Automatic source determination is a subject that has been populated quite a lot of time, but I can't find an answer in the behavior I currently noticed in my system.

I have a source list with a validity end date: 31.12.2020. It is linked to a contract with the same validity end date.

The "Source List Usage in Materials Planning" is set to 1.

I run MRP and I have 2 different behaviors for automatic source determination:

1. Source has been determined for a PR with delivery date 18.01.2021

2. Source has not been determined for a PR with delivery date 25.01.2021

Differences I have noticed between both is :

Case 1: release date is 28.12.2020, means before validity end of source list

Case 2: release date is 05.01.2021, means after validity end of source list

This behavior I don't understand because I read everywhere that automatic source determination check the delivery dates; means It should not be assigned in both cases.

By the way, my business requirement is not to have a source determination with delivery date check, but with creation date check only -> in my example, in both cases source should have been determined.

How to handle this?

Thank you in advance.