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Dec 24, 2020 at 11:59 PM

Unable to display a subset of results using nested search



I'm trying to output a list of patients with certain insurances. Of these, I also need to know which patients have an "POLST or ADHC" clinical event. I have tried many group iterations but I don't get the desired outcome.

The way I believe it should work (attached screen shot) not only outputs a shorter list of patients that would qualify on the insurance filter but all clinical events tied to the patient appear on the output as well. Any suggestions?


Query Filters:

insurance in (uhc, aet, bs, ahc)

clinical event in (polst, adhc)

patient insurance clinical event a uhc polst b aet c bs adhc c bs polst d ahc e uhc adhc f aet


query-ins-ce.png (231.2 kB)