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Dec 21, 2020 at 11:06 AM

how to calculating fields, first record and exclude suppress field

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using CRforVS_13_0_19

i have duplicate row in report, i suppress some fields of numbers. till yet i am ok with my result but when i am going to summing the column where suppressed fields exist, then result is not correct.

my suppressed formula is

not onfirstrecord and {U_TransBuyer.InvNo}=previous({U_TransBuyer.InvNo})

my summing method is,

running total fields => new => field to summerize =>TransBuyer.BillAmt => evaluate => use a formula => in x-2 button => (HERE I AM USING DIFFERENT FORMULA BUT NOT SUCCEEDED)

1) not onfirstrecord and {U_TransBuyer.InvNo}=next({U_TransBuyer.InvNo}) (failed to right result)

2) not onfirstrecord and {U_TransBuyer.InvNo}<>previous({U_TransBuyer.InvNo}) (calculate but leave first record to calculate)

3) not onlastrecord and {U_TransBuyer.InvNo}<>previous({U_TransBuyer.InvNo}) (calculate but leave first record to calculate)

i am trying these and other different method but didn't find the right answer, please help me out. Thanks & best regards.