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Dec 18, 2020 at 01:52 PM

BW on hana migration


Hi All,

currently we are migrating our system to HANA DB. My current sap version is 7.5 SP : 18 and DB is on oracle.

we want check whether below object type will work or not after migration.


CLAS: Class ABAP object.

DMMO: Data mining model

ERPT : BW Enterprise Report

ENHO : Enhancement Implementation

PLCR : Characteristic relationship object for planning

PLDS : Planning data slices

PLSE : Planning service

PLSQ : Planning sequence
PLST : Planning service type

SHLP : search help

SICF : ICF service

SMIM : Info object for MIM repository

SOTR : All concept for package
SXCI : Business addin implementation

WAPA : BSP bussiness server page appli.

WDYA ; Web dynno appli
WDYN : Web dyno component

I want to check whether above mentioned object type from current system : (BW on oracle ) will work after migration to BW on hana or any activities required.

thanks in advance . any supporting link will be highly appreciable