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Dec 22, 2020 at 10:19 AM

SAC-BW Live-Connection Licensing Question


Hello Experts,

I have a licensing question in relation to SAC und BW live connections.So we actually have a BW on HANA 7.5 on Premise System and a SAC system that are connected per live connection. For this I have three questions:

1. Does every user that has an SAC account need definitiely to also have a BW-user in backend, so that he/she can access queries per live connection? If yes, then do you know if creating extra users in BW-side needs to be extra licensed or not? I read somewhere that the BW-system is not licensed per created user, but using the perpetual licensing model (one time system fee and the yearly recurrent fee), however I was not sure about this.

2. Is there any possiblity that the SAC-users can use some sort of "technical user" for the live connection and not to have their own users in backend (SAP BW) ?

3. How about for the import connection, is it enough if we use a "technical user" when setting up the connection to import the BW-data in SAC or also here are required for each SAC-user that uses BW-imported data, also BW-users in backend?

Thank you,