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Dec 21, 2020 at 05:38 PM

GTS process to manage USMCA accumulation provision

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Hi GTS Gurus

Looking for a solution either thru standard functionality or thru enhancement to manage FTA - USMCA accumulation provision.

Accumulation provision is allowed by USMCA where even though a component is not qualified, one of its raw materials may have a qualified component of its own with a qualified value, known as "accumulation value" that can be used in preference calculation of the ultimate material.

Take the example of a BOM material ABC with raw material components A, B & C See Attached "PIC 1"


Considering Component B has a qualifying component value of 40% and RVC(Method) rule: "Qualifies if Qualifying Components =/>51%", we will get two different results if we incorporate the accumulation value for component B in the preference determination calculation. Please check "PIC 2"


The question is if GTS has a standard way to capture the accumulation value (in above example B) provided by the vendor and utilize the same in Preference Determination. Or is there a preferred development design?

Thanks for your help.

Arvind Shukla


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