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Dec 18, 2020 at 08:38 AM

CAPM for accessing multiple OData services in S/4 HANA Cloud


Hi Team,

we have a set of OData services accessed in UI5 app deployed on cloud portal . These OData's are from S/4 HANA Cloud consumed by destinations defined in Cloud.

for our requirement we are accessing these several OData services from S/4 HANA Cloud doing some complex logic to compare data from different services . All these logics are happening at UI level using JSON models and arrays .

Due to some constraints these logics cannot be handled at DB (HANA Cloud) level to get a single service that can be binded to UI.

Wanted to check whether CAPM can be used to create a node.js module and access these services and that node.js module can generate a single service that can be binded to UI.

Would require some suggestions how this situation can be handled ?