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Dec 16, 2020 at 12:09 PM

SAP_Condition Contract Settlement_Fixed amounts and settlement split criteria


Hi all,

in Condition Contract, i've set as slit criteria for payments the combination of:

- Customer (hearder)

- Material (item)

According to this rule, whenever i create a delta accrual posting or a partial/final settlement, the system creates as many documents as the combinations of customer/material retrieved from the calculation base (i.e 7 credit notes, each of them referred to a specific customer with his own materials sold).

If i define a fixed amount condition (RES1) of 1.200€ on a yearly base, my expectation would be that this amount would be split across all the documents (the 7 credit notes above) according to the turnover referred to each customer (to which every single settlement document is referred to) --> so total amount issued would be in any case 1.200€

Differently than my expectation instead, the system reports 1.200€ to each document (credit note); the result is that instead of issuing only 1.200€ overall (equal to my RES1 value), the total amount issues is of 8.400€ (1.200€ * 7 credit notes).

Do you know how could i fix this issue?

Thanks and regards

Pier Paolo