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Dec 15, 2020 at 07:43 PM

Move out Disconnection Document with reference object as Premise


Hello Experts,

Looking for some expert guidance on the disconnection document creation during move-out. Any input is highly appreciated!

At my current client, the data model is that a contract account has 2 installations (one with device and another has flat rate billing so no device). Now when we trigger move-out disconnection from front office, one service order is created for both the installations. Because of the current design, system is creating 2 disconnection document with processing variant as CUST and each having reference object as installation. Both this disconnection document is linked to the same service order. When the service order completion details are coming in SAP, system is not able to update both the disconnection documents because of some custom enhancement.

To fix this, we have 3 options. Either we fix the SO (service order) completion side to update both the disconnection documents or create separate SO for both the installation or create one disconnection document which links both the installations. Now, we don't want to change the Service order creation part from scheduling perspective. And to make the solution cleaner, we were looking at the option of creating one disconnection document. In that regard want your opinion on the below questions:

a) Is it a rule of thumb that move-out disconnection document has to be created one per installation?

b) Is it advisable to create disconnection document in case of customer initiated move-out with reference object as Contract Account or Premise (in case of residential customer) so that both the device and installation with flat billing are associated to the same disconnection document?