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Dec 14, 2020 at 01:26 PM

How to use correlated queries with record selection formula in crystal report 2016.

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Hi Team,

I am migrating some report modules from crystal report 8.5 to 2016, my codebase is using MFC C++ and using COM object for crystal report 8.5 but after it was obsoleted so we are preparing dynamic 'where' clause in C++ which may contain multiple correlated subqueries based on some dynamic conditions and processing it further in C# using the record selection formula.

Previously as a solution, I was executing subqueries(uncorrelated) in my C++ code and appending their result further in the where clause but now I have correlated queries that depend on the outer query so I cannot do this.

I could not found any possible solution other than hardcode the whole main query and then execute that correlated query and then append their result in the 'where' clause.

Do we have any approach to handle correlated queries with the record selection formula?

Note: My correlated queries are dynamic and may return multiple values.

Looking forward to your quick response. Thanks in advance!