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Dec 11, 2020 at 04:04 PM

ASE License Types



I have some questions about SAP ASE licenses and would appreciate if someone can explain.

I got two license types in my inventory for SAP ASE 16:

  • Application Deployment CPU (AC)
  • Application Deployment Standby CPU (BC)
  1. Can I use Standby CPU (BC) licenses for my development systems? Running multiple users/developers?
  2. How I can generate specific number of CPU licenses? How should I interpret "Total Number of Licenses Available" number? Because, if I generate the license key there its asking for "How many Host Machines are you generating licenses for?" not number of CPUs - am I missing something?
  3. If I have a system, which comes into action while production is down - I can use that as Standby License if this system is also kind of warm standby (custom script replicated without replication server)? Will it require to change that Standby license while it become production? Both the systems are running and based on some conditions, one will become production.