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Dec 11, 2020 at 02:48 PM

ALE IDOC Multilevel data distribution


Hi All,

We would like to use ALE IDOC process for master data distribution. But this will be a multiple Level Distribution.

Data will be sent from System AAA to System BBB

The System BBB will send data to CCC

When new addition made or, changes to existing date is being done, change pointes are available in system AAA and data is being transferred from AAA to BBB (via IDOC of Requisite message type).

But Change pointers are not getting activated in 2nd System (for updates made via IDOC) and Outbound IDOCs are not being generated in System BBB (for recipient System CCC).

We want to move Exchange rate, house bank, bank Directory data and Profit Center data.

We have done all the Requisite set up and data is moving successfully from system AAA to System BBB.

Please advise the process to activate the Change pointers in System BBB for data received from System AAA (so that the same data can be distributed to System CCC).