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Dec 11, 2020 at 07:34 AM

Issue in SAP treasury Accrual/deferral for pre closed transaction


I am facing issue in the case of SAP Treasury accrual/deferral. I have issued BG/LC Trade finance instrument, and incurred some charges for the same (BG Commission). This charge I want to defer, which is happening correctly

After posting a few expense deferrals, I have pre closed the above instrument, and closed the above instrument. There are 2 issues now

1) I was expecting the system to automatically write off the un-deferred expense, which is not happening automatically

2) Once the above instrument is pre-redeemed (meaning closed), then in the subsequent months, accrual/deferral is still getting calculated for the above financial instrument, which should not happen but it is happening (TPM 44)

Please suggest a customised role for the same to stop Deferral at the time pre closed the BG and write off the un-deferred expense.