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Dec 16, 2020 at 03:24 PM

Multitenant MTA with Portal service UI gets 500 error upon redirect


Hi all,

Having trouble with my multitenant Portal cloud foundry app.

Basically, I have everything working with a static ("/index.html") approuter in a CAP project using cds-mtx library (like Andrew Lunde's blog.

I tried to add a fiori launchpad per the easy-ui5 yeoman generator, and I am getting a 500 error (that is really a hidden 401) when accessing the approuter from a subscribed subaccount.

I confirmed that my setup works when deployed as single-tenant.

When I access the URL from the subscriber, I get a 500 error, similar what is outlined here:

Which I traced to this request in @sap/xssec with options:

and error:

I can share code as needed, any guidance is appreciated!