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Dec 12, 2020 at 09:42 AM

Appyl Reduced Tax Rate in connection with SAP B1


Hello folks

I'm having a blackout re to CCO. We have SAP CCO with CCO Manager and connected with SAP B1. I'm clear how to setup reduced tax rate for article (e.g. take away when different taxes applies) when CCO is only connected through the manager. Bu in connection with SAP B1, how do I configure an article that can be sold with reduced tax rates? Article are coming from B1 with tax rate eg. A1/A2 etc. Given Article aren't managed in CCO Manager how do I do this? I see in manager, that B1 has also copied article into manager but set as inactive.

So net, how do I configure an article reduced tax rate (or printer destination for order) if article are being synced with B1.

Thanks all