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Dec 11, 2020 at 01:48 AM

Advance Procurement from sap PS



I am working on a scenario where we use advance procurement for specific purchased materials those will be used later for manufacturing in an ETO scenario.

I want to be able to generate PIR for the advance procurement so when running the MPR, procurement proposal will be generated and agregated using the classic MRP lot sizing...

But instead of that the system generate automatically PR requisition from the network and hence, the MRP cannot be used

I manage all the required information in the material master for the purchase material :

  • Strategy Group : 70
  • Consumption mode : 2
  • Consumption periods forward/backward : 999
  • Mixed MRP : 1
  • Individual / Collectif : 1 - Individual

When I add the purchased material to the related network in the project system, I choose PEV, PIR for WBS and Prem Req for WBS as a Procurement type

The system create in this case a purchase requisition but I cannot see anything for the PIR in the MD61.

How to get the PIR generated

Thank you