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Dec 10, 2020 at 08:51 AM

S/4HANA Cloud EX Adobe Forms using SFP



We got an audit for a client who’s running on a S/4HANA Cloud EX. We got negative results about our Adobe Form templates because we are using “unreleased function modules”. I’m a bit puzzled here because in the S/4HANA Cloud EX extension guide I’m finding below statement about print forms, basically saying it’s ok to keep using SFP.

But if we use SFP for sure we have to call the FM 'FP_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME', 'FP_JOB_OPEN', 'FP_JOB_CLOSE', 'FP_GET_LAST_ADS_ERRSTR' and none of those are released? I didn’t find any alternative so basically I have no idea on how to fix this audit besides rebuilding the whole lot with form templates?


0dgxn.png (107.9 kB)