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Dec 09, 2020 at 05:00 PM

'Failed to update SAP B1 Business Object' error


I’m trying to execute a task. It updates our (internal) bin location data (called U_Bin_Location_2) located in the AITW table (Items – Warehouse – History). I am getting a very strange error:

‘Failed to Update SAP B1 Business Object (-2035 This entry already exists in the following

tables (ODBC-2035)’

It seems that other people online who have got this error tend to see a Business Object table referred to in the error eg ‘…in the following tables OCRD (ODBC -2035).’ ODBC is the connection type – and I’m not even using an ODBC connection anywhere in the task! Perhaps DIAPI uses an ODBC connection under the hood?

What is this error telling me?