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Dec 11, 2020 at 09:59 AM

How to write an Asynchronous action in CAP Node.js App?

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Hi, experts,

We are using emit event to act as asynchronous request for data bulkcreate.

But it turns out synchronous.

Can you help me with it ?

the response 'accepted' was not returned until the emit process 'processBasicInfoEvent' was completely done.

Code snippets:

  srv.on('EmployeeBasicInfoImport', async (request) => {

    return 'accepted';

  srv.after('EmployeeBasicInfoImport', async (data, request) => {
    var batchImportData =;
      srv.emit('processBasicInfoEvent', batchImportData);

  srv.on('processBasicInfoEvent', async (request) => {
    const sfsrv = await'successfactors');
    var batchImportData = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(;
    var logID = batchImportData.logID;
    batchImportData = batchImportData.employees;
    for (var employee of batchImportData) {
      await process(employee, sfsrv);
    processBasicInfologs(logID, batchImportData, 'processBasicInfoEvent');
    return batchImportData;