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Dec 10, 2020 at 03:58 PM

Activating Contact-To-Account relationships breaks all earlier integrations?

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Hi all,

I hope that there might be a problem for this issue:

I am activating contact-to-account relationships on my test system for a POC.

In our company, we have both B2B as B2C entities (seperated by marketing areas). The contact-to-account relationships are relevant for B2B.

I did read on the SAP Help pages on the step "Public OData API Integration" that version 4 of API_MKT_CONTACT should be used, but I thought that meant only if I would connect external systems that would also need to import relationships. As of course the older versions would show errors when trying to import relationships on those.

But what I noticed now, is that ALL of our other existing interfaces (that run on older versions of the contact api) turn to errors!

I have a couple of other integrations set up, mainly for the B2C processes, like with websites that make use of the "external landing page data integration" standard CPI package: , as well as some systems directly using API_MKT_CONTACT.

They all say "Contact Projections can only be used with version 4 of the Contacts API."

But as mentioned, one of the integrations is a standard CPI package, but apparently that one isn't on version 4 yet?

But also all our other existing interfaces are not on version 4, and it's a huge effort to change them all.

On the other hand, it also doesn't seem possible to revert the activation of contact-to-account relationships!

So is there anything I can still do now to make my interfaces work again? :(

Desperate regards,

Joyca Vervinckt